General Infromations

Principle of FAN
It is a working system of more than 570 publicly available panels with size 115 x 65 cm, which are distributed all over Bratislava.

Contents of FAN
Its content is actual programme of clubs, theatres and cinemas in Bratislava, information about past or upcoming events (music, sports, movie or theatrical premieres, exhibitions, fairs, musicals, concerts, ...)

Updating of FAN
Changing of programme poster is done every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Printing of FAN and its installation
Basis of FAN is always a basic colour (it is changed every week, that is how the topicality and „liveliness“ of whole system is highlighted). Advertising on FAN can be black-and-white or fully coloured. Programme poster is installed into plastic frames, which guarantee not only a constant place, which are readers used to, but also a certain level.

Presentation of event in programme calendar HUDBA a DIVADLO (MUSIC and THEATRE)
Clubs and theatres with regular programme have their own constant line with actual events, which are held in their areas. Calendar HUDBA a DIVADLO (MUSIC and THEATRE) has got the extent from Thursday to Saturday, that means 10 days (events, that take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are automatically repeated in two consecutive weeks).

Presentation of event in advance on area for other events
This area is divided into small fields with size 3,1 x 6,1 cm (modules), which are separated with black spaces with width 3 mm (horizontal), 4 mm (vertical). Modules next to or above eachother can be optionally put together (into the whole size).

Some reasons, why advertise in FAN

  • readers do not pay for information in FAN
  • due to extensive net is FAN available in Bratislava practically anywhere and anytime
  • our readers do not read FAN only once a week, but they look for information in it every day
  • due to short production time is FAN incomparably one of the most actual media, which provide detailed information
  • FAN is the only one information system, in which are regularly available information about events, that are held irregularly
  • in FAN you can have published also your own cultural event at more than 570 publicly available places all over Bratislava
  • advertising in FAN has got very satisfactory proportion price/efficiency
  • grafic processing of your advertisement is for free
  • due to weekly periodicity FAN is possible continuous updating of long-term campaigns
  • number of FANs is constantly increasing